Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th, 2012

I have looked at this blog and WOW!! been a long time since i have paid attention to it....I really need to be more mindful. This past year, I bought an embroidery machine.  haven't done 1 thing on it...I have been just way too busy with work.  I am hopeful to get some things going this year and hoping that work will settle down for awhile.

I buy things with an eye to a future home business ( retirement ) income.  I have plenty of ideas, just not a lot of time to get the wheels in hopefully I can get it together in the coming year.  I have named my business and done the whole tax id thing....just haven't done anything else!

So watch for more things to come from Creekside Quilted Creations! I am going to have to figure out how to get the embroidery angle out of that name though....

That's it for now, here's to hoping to be a better blogger in 2012

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tomorrow is another day

I haven't visited my blog for quite awhile....been very busy working....surviving...looking forward to a couple of days off this week....that is if they don't call me in......needing to get into my studio and get my post cards done....just received one from Patsy/ califgal......a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.....I will put up pics of that one and pics of my dahlia's this weekend....when i get some more time......until then ....= )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept 10 is sewing machine day

PC received from Lynne Struble /sewlove2quilt

Pc received received from Mandylifeboats /Sue

Canning up the garden's bounty...

The Bear (my hubs) and I did up 16 quarts of pickled beets yesterday. We can outside on the patio , with a propane tank/turkey fryer setup....It is just so nice not to have all of that hot steam in the kitchen.  He is a huge help to the process....and I think he really enjoys it.  We lost one jar.  he got a litlle antsy and decide to add some more water to the pot.....before he took out the jars....he was mad at himself...said he should have known better......oh well , i say......if you only lose's all good!  Our garden has been a bit of a disappointment this year......the heirloom tomatoes.....didn't grow at all.....i think we have 3 tomatoes total....and they are green, green , green......

I have picked some of the romas.....been drying them like crazy ....along with hot peppers, green peppers, and herbs......I found a recipe to put the tomatoes in oil safely and one recipe to make an essence of them....for bruschetta type of spread....i am going to try that.

we also harvested  yukon gold potatoes, and cranberry red potatoes....we really love the cranberry reds, they are just like eating candy....

well i have a class today for not sure how much gardening or sewing done for that matter. so signing off  for now.....have a great week!
this pc also from stitchin in honor of wacky holiday , beheading day
this pc was mad by stitchin....Pat, in honor of pirate day
this in honor of read a book day