Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tomorrow is another day

I haven't visited my blog for quite awhile....been very busy working....surviving...looking forward to a couple of days off this week....that is if they don't call me in......needing to get into my studio and get my post cards done....just received one from Patsy/ califgal......a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.....I will put up pics of that one and pics of my dahlia's this weekend....when i get some more time......until then ....= )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept 10 is sewing machine day

PC received from Lynne Struble /sewlove2quilt

Pc received received from Mandylifeboats /Sue

Canning up the garden's bounty...

The Bear (my hubs) and I did up 16 quarts of pickled beets yesterday. We can outside on the patio , with a propane tank/turkey fryer setup....It is just so nice not to have all of that hot steam in the kitchen.  He is a huge help to the process....and I think he really enjoys it.  We lost one jar.  he got a litlle antsy and decide to add some more water to the pot.....before he took out the jars....he was mad at himself...said he should have known better......oh well , i say......if you only lose's all good!  Our garden has been a bit of a disappointment this year......the heirloom tomatoes.....didn't grow at all.....i think we have 3 tomatoes total....and they are green, green , green......

I have picked some of the romas.....been drying them like crazy ....along with hot peppers, green peppers, and herbs......I found a recipe to put the tomatoes in oil safely and one recipe to make an essence of them....for bruschetta type of spread....i am going to try that.

we also harvested  yukon gold potatoes, and cranberry red potatoes....we really love the cranberry reds, they are just like eating candy....

well i have a class today for not sure how much gardening or sewing done for that matter. so signing off  for now.....have a great week!
this pc also from stitchin in honor of wacky holiday , beheading day
this pc was mad by stitchin....Pat, in honor of pirate day
this in honor of read a book day
I made this for make a hat day

Other cards sent and received

I made this PC in honor of fortune cookie day
This card was made by gonsewin, Lori Suchomel, in honor of the wacky holiday beheading day

new post cards mad and received

I received this post card in honor of hat day from Patsy Sanchez, Califgal....soo cute

Saturday, August 28, 2010

a new tablerunner in the works ...I just luv this

I need to gather a few more fabrics for this and i am thinking i may have to buy the pantograph for the quilting on this....soo beautiful!!

a new postcard sent to a friend

sent to my friend Barb in honor of make a hat day. one of september's wacky holidays

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Morning Friends

Here is another postcard...I made this one....I cannot show the others as they are part of a swap....and not received yet by the swap partners.....

Today is peach canning day....I have a box of peaches and a box of nectarines....waiting for me to get off the computer and get busy....I seriously doubt that I will have time for any studio time today !

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Made by MissMikol
made by Applik/ Kate....luv how she put the frost on this....with iridescent fabric
Made by Cr8tive1/ Jackie
It's an Ice Cream Party by Momquilter
Made by Thimblelady/ Sally
How about a Daisy the choc mouse/ Karen
more sweet treats by Lois Walser
Sweet Treats Swap...Done by IB1Ru12/Gwyn
made by Angie NH
done by warm buns/Linda
This Beauty was done by Reg 82
Patriotic card made by Thimblelady/Sally
Angel made by Teasea
I just Love this little guy! Made by Thimblelady/ Sally
Made by Applik/ Kate
A Christmas swap....Made by Chanlady/Lois
made by Daisy the choc mouse/ Karen
Patriotic 4th of july swap/ Made by g'ma erma
Beautiful Thank You Card made for me by those attending the COF 2010 retreat this July
Made by Thimblelady/ Sally
Made by Daisy the chocolate mouse/Karen
Made by warm buns/aka/quiltsewpieceful/Linda
Made by Irish 62/Kathi

Pictures of post cards i have received

Made by G'ma Erma

Pictures of post cards i have received

Made by Applik /Kate
Good Morning, I have had a few people tell me ....naughty naughty....for not keeping up with my  blog....I will do better = ) I will be posting pictures from various postcard swaps i have been in on the hgtv message board....I did not make these.....several ladies from all over the US have made these...I am in a swap right now ....and will post the ones i made after they have been received....and I will post the ones i get.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine Barello Tablerunner

It's almost done....just need to fuse on the hearts and crystals.....this definetely challenged my skills.....not entirely proud of my workmanship....but proud that i stuck with it and finished....and it looks kind of cool!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is the picture out of Quilt World Magazine of the tablerunner I am making.

It should be interesting to do for sure.

Valentine Tablerunner

I have decided to do a valentine tablerunner.  It is a bargello type with appliqued hearts scattered about, with crystals attached to the hearts.
I have cut out all the strips , backing, and hearts...tomorrow i will start sewing the strips

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Day

Good Morning, I am going to try to be faithful and keep up this blog. my other didn't go so well...I have been sick and not working, today is a partial day of work and then going to joann's to get a bit more fabric for the valentine table runner i am making.....

pictures soon to follow :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010
I will try to get this blog going and be better at it and keep it current.
I have decided this year to not join in any swaps and finish projects already started.

I am going to post pictures of current projects larger and small...this weekend when i have time to get them sized and downloaded.
so good nite for now....til the weekend